This past week has been fairly relaxing because we had an away game this weekend, which meant band rehearsal was slow-paced, and I didn’t have to go to a game on Saturday.

My work in most of my classes is going well, and I have my first exam coming up this week. I’m not worried about it because I’ve been taking good notes and keeping up. I’ve been working very hard, and that quick start is starting to pay off. I like that the more I get ahead in this class, the more energy I can spend on my demanding classes. 

I enjoyed my reading this week, Cupid and Psyche. I even decided to write a story about it since I had time and wanted to. I’m not sure I’ll force myself to write a story on every Story Lab week because I like having the option to take a break and learn more about craft, but I also like having the creative time to write a story.

It was nice to have an away game weekend. It will probably be my last free weekend except for the by-week because I want to go to Texas Tech and West Virginia. I had a great time watching the game with my friends from the OU Wesley because we were on our annual Urban Retreat in OKC. A former member of the Pride brought her saxophone, and I had a box drum, so we played Boomer Sooner every time we scored! 

This upcoming weekend, we play Army, and I’m excited because it’s a night game and because my uncle went to West Point. It’s going to be a good week preparing for that! Unfortunately they won’t be bringing their band or cadets, but I’ll definitely be going to the game when we visit them next year!

Army football players from 2012. I love the tradition of having “West Point” on the backs of the jerseys instead of player names! Source – Army

Featured Image: The reflecting pool at the OKC Memorial Museum. We visited on our Urban Retreat (my first time) and it was definitely an emotional experience. Source – Wikipedia.