Yesterday, the band went to the Big XII Championship, where we avenged our loss to Texas and won the title for the fourth year in a row. Now, we’re heading to the Orange Bowl in Miami to face Alabama! I can’t wait for the trip, and I hope the game goes in our favor.

Before the big game, though, we have to survive the semester. I’m crash landing this week and next as I’m wrapping things up in each class. In fact, this is my last assignment for this class! 

I have a lot of papers to write, which is annoying but I guess I asked for it. The worst one is an 8-10 page paper for my Latin Literature class. I’m not sure how I’m going to write an 8 page paper about Latin poetry. I hate how college pushes that brevity and conciseness in writing is an imperative trait, but minimum lengths on assignments always seem way too long. I think I could fully address the prompt in 4 or 5 pages, so I guess I’ll have to dig in for the last three.

I am lucky this semester that I only have one true final to sit for. It’s a bit exasperating that it is Wednesday night of finals week, which means I’m going to spend the whole week twiddling my thumbs for the test, and I can’t just go home right after it. 

I’m super excited for Christmas, though! We’ve just put the Christmas tree up in our apartment, and it makes me smile each time I look at it. We also have a drumline Christmas party tonight, and we’re doing Secret Santa.

I’m a bit sad to finish this class; it’s been so much fun and I’ve learned so much about mythology and storytelling. I’ve been able to challenge myself as well as use this class as a way to relax, which has been great for a crazy semester. Now I’m just recommending this course to as many people as I can! I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in this class, and it has made look at learning in a different way. I hope the things I’ve learned in this course will continue to echo through my next years at college, especially the things we’ve learned about failing and growth mindset. I’m so glad my first experience with an online class was so positive!

Image 1: Snareline picture following the Big XII Championship. Source – Personal Photos

Image 2: Snareline horns down following the Big XII Championship. Source – Personal Photos

Image 3: Our Christmas Tree! Source – Personal Photos