It’s good to be at the end of another hectic week! Let’s look back on how things went:

This week I really enjoyed reading excerpts from Arabian Nights. I didn’t really like Aladdin as a kid, and my particular brand of American culture didn’t introduce me to much Middle Eastern lore, but it was genuinely refreshing to read about genies, sultans, and cunning heroes from Arabia.

I feel like I didn’t have a lot of storytelling energy to draw from this week, so I’m glad we’ll have the Story Lab option this week so I can recuperate. I was excited to start my Storybook project this week, though. I’m glad this is a semester-long project with plenty of opportunity for revision because I almost never write well on my first drafts, and I want to do this story justice.

I’m still having success in my other classes, though major midterms and essays are creeping closer once October starts. I feel like I’m working overtime every night trying to keep up with new homework and new assignments, but I always manage to get it done. I wish I just had a day to do as much work as possible (or a Saturday off, lol). I can’t believe it’s already the end of September! I’d like to find a spare evening this week to write my English Lit essay because that will take a load of stress off me.

I’ve been in a crafty mood this week because it’s grocery week, so I’ve cooked several new meals and my quarter of the refrigerator is loaded with leftovers. I love cooking because it’s a stress outlet, and it gives me another way to be creative and challenged in non-academic settings. I made a great bean-and-cheese quesadilla for lunch on Thursday, with guacamole, even though I set out to just make a simple cheese quesadilla. I also did a Crockpot shrimp boil on Friday, and tonight I made some amazing chicken Alfredo. 

Since it was a night game, the snare line went to IHOP for breakfast! Taken by Adriane Baker’s father.

The football game last night was an event to say the least. Half-time was awesome (with explosions!) and it was neat to watch paratroopers land on the field right before we marched pregame. But the game itself was SOOO stressful. I’m mentally exhausted from it, and my throat is scratched up from ROARING during the final minutes. I’m so glad we pulled off the win because I would be nonfunctional after investing so much emotion into the game. Hopefully our overtime curse is broken now! Next week versus Baylor should be much more relaxed, and my parents are coming! It’s going to be nice to see them since I won’t be going home for Thanksgiving this year.

I can’t wait to hit this week running! Boomer!

Featured image: The 2018 OUDL snare line poses in front of a Howitzer tank before the OU vs. Army game on Saturday. Photo taken by a soldier on Jacob Willing’s phone.