It’s been a hectic week. Professors have started to hit the gas, football season has begun, and even the ample free time that I have doesn’t feel like enough. I’m very thankful for this Labor Day Weekend so I can try to catch up; I don’t like to be off my game so early in the semester.

Even though it’s been a crazy week, it’s been a rewarding one. In this class, I completed all of the assignments, plus some extra credit. I didn’t finish as soon as I had hoped, but I did finish. I enjoyed the readings this week, but I think I’ll like it even more when we have focused units. The anthology, while a great introduction, was a little disjointed.

That being said, I was proud of my writing this week. I haven’t been able to write for my own projects since school started, so it was nice to relax by doing something creative. I think my story is pretty good, and I’m excited to get feedback on it in the coming days!

The real fire that had to be put out was the football game this weekend. I’m in the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band, and yesterday’s game day was an EXPERIENCE. I hate saying anything bad about my time in the Pride or about OU football because I truly love it, but that game was rough. It was just too hot. Pregame was a great time, and the first quarter was so much fun, considering we scored 28 points. After that, though, it was awful. We actually took our uniform coats off in the stands, which is something we never do. There was no breeze, water didn’t help anyone feel better, and the sun had no mercy. But we survived half time, endured the rest of our rout, and returned home to sleep for the rest of the weekend. 

A picture of the Pride snares BEFORE we all got heatstroke. Photo taken by Claire Lambert of the cymbal line. Sept 1, 2018.

As part of this Growth Mindset thing, I want to try to pull a lesson out of yesterday’s game, and really I’m just proud of myself for surviving. I was on the edge of heat sickness for most of the game, but I kept drinking water (and applying sunscreen) and doing my job: supporting the Sooners. I think I developed some mental toughness yesterday, and that’s a valuable attribute to grow. It was difficult. I lost the energy to yell or cheer after half time, but hey, I’ll never get tired of playing “Boomer Sooner.”

Next week, I hope to continue to stay on top of my school work and hopefully get ahead in this class and a couple others. I want to continue putting a lot of creativity and effort into my stories for this class. I want to continue paying close attention to my health by drinking plenty of water, eating well, and exercising at Pride rehearsal. And I hope (and pray) that next Saturday’s noontime game against UCLA will miraculously be cooler. The forecast shows rain, which would be better than 3,000 degrees, so my fingers are crossed. Overall, I want to continue to give my best effort in everything I do!

Featured Image: Fire. Source – Public Domain Pictures