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Growth Mindset: Cat Memes

Cats are the best. Dogs are great, don’t get me wrong, but I love cats. They’re full of personality, they’re fluffy, they’re squishy, and they’re downright cute. I love my cat, and usually he’s the only reason I’m homesick. I can call my parents whenever I want, but I can’t talk to my cat.

Cats are also naturally curious, which why they’re a great mascot for Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset, which I talk about here. Here are a few cat memes that demonstrate growth mindset ideas:

I chose this cat because I love a good pun, and also, he’s such a chunky kitty! His caption is a great example of growth mindset because learning is done best when it is a self-motivated pursuit. The best projects in grade school were the ones with loose instructions, where you could pick your topic or your format. They were good because you got to choose what interested you, which made you want to try harder and learn more. When we drive our own learning, we’re more likely to take risks or choose more difficult tasks because we get a sense of ownership of our work.

I wanted to keep the “driving cats” theme going, so I chose this kitten. Isn’t he cute? This picture is about more than just enjoying a drive through town; it’s about learning. When we appreciate the learning as a process rather than as a quantifiable end result, we give more depth and meaning to the exercise. It also means we use failure as a growth point, or that we understand that we go at our pace, or that we give ourselves time to be curious. Learning is not a race; he who finishes first doesn’t necessarily learn anything more than those who take time to savor the process of learning.

…I couldn’t find another cat in a car, so I chose this handsome kitty. He reminds me a lot of mine, who is also orange and gets into things that he shouldn’t. The meaning of this picture is the same as the one above: learning is a process. This cat is taking his time to learn about the flour on this table. He may learn that it makes a mess, which makes Mom mad. He may learn that it gets stuck in his fur and tastes funny. He may learn that he really likes to throw it around, and pushing it off the counter may be the most fun thing he’s ever done (at least that’s what my cat would do). Like this cat, when we find something new to learn, we should approach it with curiosity and enjoy the learning, not just the end result.

Image 1: I drive my own learning. Source – Growth Mindset & Feedback Cats

Image 2: Enjoy the ride! Source – Growth Mindset & Feedback Cats

Image 3: I enjoy the process of learning. Source – Growth Mindset & Feedback Cats


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  1. Devin Dill

    Hello Erin, My name is Devin and i really enjoyed your cat memes to explain growth mindset! A god cat meme can make anything better. Besides the cat memes I did enjoy your post about growth mindset and agree that in order to grow you gotta be curious and get some enjoyment out of what your doing instead of just trying to focus on the end product.

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