Acronyms are a common way to shorten ideas into smaller words. We use them for the names of entities (NFL, FBI) and as mnemonics (like RICE and ROY G. BIV). We can also use acronyms to abbreviate inspirational ideas. Here’s an acronym I created to exemplify an idea of growth mindset:

MOVE acronym created by me on Canva

I created this acronym because I wanted to think of something that could help me remember to MOVE. It resonates me because a strategy that I employed during my freshman year was saying yes to any opportunity I had even a vague interest in doing. It really helped me make friends, learn to be uncomfortable, and realize the things I did and did not like to do. This acronym certainly exemplifies growth mindset because it encourages healthy risk-taking and contemplation of those decisions. It also nods at our agency in creating opportunity for success. We need to do things that allow us to achieve success rather than waiting for those things to fall into our laps. I hope my acronym will inspire others to try new things and to value those opportunities because each can be a great learning experience.