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Growth Mindset: The Path to Genius

For this challenge, I wanted to think about genius as a process rather than as a list of attributes that one either has or doesn’t. Here’s the list:

  1. Boldness to develop and start on an idea
  2. Curiosity to learn more 
  3. Effort to get work done
  4. Creativity to make your idea unique and useful
  5. Confidence in your ability to reach your goal
  6. Failure, which is a necessary precursor to success
  7. Resilience to try again after your failure
  8. Teamwork to ask for help 
  9. Perseverance to push to the end
  10. Success!

Image 1: Lightbulb clip art. Source.

Image 2: Curious kitten. Source.

Image 3: Workout clip art. Source.

Image 4: Paintbrushes. Source.

Image 5: Superhero kid. Source.

Image 6: Falling man. Source.

Image 7: Flowers in snow. Source.

Image 8: Rowing team. Source.

Image 9: Running man. Source.

Image 10: Girl jumping in front of a sunset. Source.

Infographic made with Genially!


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  1. oh my gosh: so this is genially! it’s marvelous.
    I know what I am putting in the announcements tomorrow from the blog stream: thank you for introducing me to this tool! 🙂

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