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Hi! I’m Erin. I’m a sophomore from Bossier City, Louisiana, which is in the northwest corner of the state. I decided to come to OU because I have always had a dream of going to an out-of-state university, and I got a great scholarship from OU that made it possible. I really love it here!

I’m a professional writing major, which is essentially a degree in storytelling. It’s not just about creative writing; it’s about learning how to communicate ideas using various media. That being said, I do love writing fiction, particularly long-form works like novels. My favorite genre to write is fantasy, which is one reason why I am so interesting in mythology. My biggest dream is to publish novels and one day work my way into being a full-time writer.

I am also a musician! From first grade to twelfth, I took piano lessons, but my favorite instruments are drums. I started to play percussion in the band beginning in sixth grade, and now I play snare drum in the Pride of Oklahoma. I love being in marching band because it’s a great place to make friends, and we get exclusive access to football games (I love OU football!). Since joining the Pride, I’ve been to Ohio State University, Kansas, the Texas State Fair, AT&T Stadium, and Pasadena, California. I’ve marched in the Rose Parade and been to Disney Land. Not only does band allow me to express myself through making music, but it also gives me opportunities that I never would have been able to pursue! I love my OUDL family!

My favorite band trip has been the trip to Ohio State. WE GOT TO FLY which was mind-blowing for me. I never imagined that OU Athletics would care enough about us to fund private flights, but it was so great! We always do a big “OOOOOOOOOOOOOO-U!” on take-off, and then we sing “Oklahoma.” The trip was in September, which is blazing hot in Oklahoma, but in Ohio, it was nice and mild, which was a great break. It was astounding to walk into Ohio Stadium, a coliseum of immense history. And then we won! I was standing on the field waiting for post-game concert to start when Baker planted the flag in the O. What a moment!

Pride of Oklahoma snare drums at Ohio Stadium. Taken by Tati Rodriguez, September 2017

In addition to playing marching band snare drum, I’ve also learned to play drum set, which is my all-time favorite musical activity. It’s so much fun to be at the back of the stage laying down a groove with other musicians. Mostly I just love being the only one in charge of the tempo and beat. I play drum set in the worship band at the OU Wesley, which is a great way for me to unwind from school stresses.

A hobby that goes hand in hand with my love of writing is reading! I love reading everything from young adult novels to classic British literature. I have a slightly obsessive book collection of over 500 books at home that I probably need to thin out. Everyone always asks me what my favorite book is, but I can’t answer with just one. Instead, I have categories of favorites. My favorite novel that I’ve read this year is Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. It’s a whimsical and fantastic book that really brings me back to the joy of reading that I had when I was younger. My first favorite book was Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke, which I read in first or second grade. One of my favorite YA authors is Maggie Stiefvater, and my favorite classic authors are Charles Dickens and C.S. Lewis.

Like many people my age, I watch a lot of TV and movies. Some of my favorite TV shows are: Parks & Rec, Brooklyn 99, Stranger Things, Gilmore Girls, and Doctor Who. My favorite director is Christopher Nolan, who made masterpieces like Inception and Interstellar. I haven’t seen any of his Batman movies yet! I’m also a movie score nerd, and Hans Zimmer is one of my favorites. I always listen to him while I’m studying.

When I’m not reading, writing, or drumming, I’ve recently learned that I like to cook! I love finding unique and tasty ways to make (fairly) healthy food. One of my favorite things to cook is red beans and rice because it’s an easy recipe that reminds me of home and is easy to share with others! I also love driving around in my car, which is named Raven, and hammocking in pretty places like Montana.

Overall, I’m a curious person who loves to learn new things so I can use them in my next story. I’m excited for this class because I have always loved mythology, and I want to learn more about why it’s important to the human experience. I can’t wait to get into it!

Gallery Images: 
Top Left: My cat, Sonny, sleeping in one of his funny positions. Taken by me.
Top Right: Sonny looking handsome at the vet. Taken by me.
Bottom: Sonny exploring our backyard. Taken by my dad.


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  1. Brooke Holloway

    Hi Erin!
    First of all, I love the layout of your blog, it flows really well! As for your major, I am quite intrigued by how ours overlap slightly. I am a public relations major and most people do not assume that we write as much as we do. I have mostly learned to write for the purpose of engaging certain audiences but have yet to fully exercise my writing abilities in a fictional setting, so it’s awesome that you have been able to practice multiple writing formats! I am also jealous regarding your involvement in the band as I have had quite a hard time finding a hobby that I am passionate about. I have profound admiration and respect for commitment and success in playing the drums. Keep it up!

  2. Megan Edmundson

    Hi Erin!
    I also have a love of travel, but I don’t as much as I would like due to cost but I am excited for you that the OU Pride Marching band has been able to give you those experience. The Rose Bowl Parade I have watched a couple times, hopefully if we make it that far in football this year I will be sure and watch it in hopes of seeing a fellow class mate there. On your love of books and reading, I would personally say do not thin them out. That just sounds like a beautiful collection and would look wonderful in the future on a beautiful bookshelf. (I am currently trying to build up a good little collection). I would only thin out the duplicates if you have any, but be sure and write your name in it somewhere. That way in the future, decades from now, we will be able to track the book (had to do it for a paper on a 17th century book) leave a little note for its future owner. And if you become a famous writer it could be worth something some day! I greatly admire people that have a music ability because I do not have that gift. So keep up the practice of music even if it is just to unwind

  3. Sam Engler

    Hi Erin!
    That’s awesome that you’re in the Pride, hopefully the heat yesterday wasn’t too crazy! It was hot enough where I was, and I got to stay in the shade the entire time! (I think the outcome of the game made it worthwhile though) It’s really neat that you listed Montana as your favorite place since that’s where I chose too! It’s definitely an awesome place to go, especially in the summer when the weather is perfect and the sun stays out until almost 11 PM. Same thing with the love for driving around, one of my favorite ways to unwind is to drive down the backroads south of Norman, windows down, playing some music. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the drums, so it’s really cool that you can! I’ve tried to learn, but it’s definitely a challenge. Let’s hope the season goes well this year, it should be a fun one!

  4. Kaleb Brown

    Hey Erin, Kaleb here!

    I’m a RUF/NEK, so I totally understand your love of OU Football and have loved the games I’ve gone to with the rest of the NEKS! I am also super jealous of your percussionist abilities. I tried drums in the sixth grade but was better suited for trumpet. I also took piano lessons and loved it! I’ve been trying to teach myself guitar recently too. I think that it’s awesome that you love writing so much. Maybe one day I’ll get to read one of your books!

    It was great to read your introduction post and maybe I’ll see you on the field!

  5. Hi Erin!
    It’s so cool that you do marching band! I marched for a little while in high school (flute), but I was very bad and didn’t think I’d make it into the Pride. My roommate freshman year was in the Pride, though. She played trombone, and she said it was one of her favorite parts of OU. I’m glad to hear that that seems to be the general consensus from people in the Pride! It looks like a lot of fun (sometimes, other times it looks like a lot of sweat and sunburns).
    Have a great semester!

  6. Kaylee Martin

    Hi Erin! Sounds like you’ll be a pro at this class. Musician and a writer, you must be extremely creative (and smart :)) I have always wanted to play some kind of instrument. I think the piano would be what I would want to learn. Good luck with the band and the school year! I’m sure you’ll do great and the fans will love you!

  7. It is so great to have a PW major in this class, Erin: fabulous! I know you have some really intense classes in that major (like the one where you write a note; that sounds so cool!), so I like the idea that this class could be just a completely laid-back, low-stress writing experiment where you get to try to out new styles and play with different characters and plots, taking inspiration wherever you find it in the readings for class, looking at stories from all over for ideas.

    And YES, that whole world of mythology and folklore is waiting to be made into new stories and new novels; a lot of my favorite contemporary writers specialize in that kind of novel-writing. For example, Usha Narayan in India just published a novel about Kartikeya in August, using the ancient myths for what I am sure will be an exciting new novel: Kartikeya and His Battle with the Soul Stealer (I loved her two Pradyumna novels based on the legends of Krishna). And I am so curious to see what kind of project you will dream up for this class, and who knows: maybe it will turn into a long-term project that you will want to pursue in the future beyond this class! (If so, you have to promise to let me know when the book is published!)

  8. Kathy Austin

    Hi Erin! I have friends that live in Bossier City. My husband grew up in Alexandria, LA but that’s farther south. My favorite thing about Louisiana is the food! I love making red beans & rice and my husband is quite picky about his Cajun food. LOL! That’s so cool that you are in the Pride! My youngest daughter is in color guard and thinks she wants to try out at OU so she can travel with the team. I think those opportunities to travel like that are amazing.

    It’s very cool to be a writing major! I think I would love something like that. Good luck in your pursuit of being a professional writer!

  9. Laura McCree

    A future author inspired by fantasy, classic British novels, and mythology… You could be the next Neil Gaiman. I’ve never read Strange the Dreamer, but it’s definitely going on my list just as soon as the semester ends. I never find enough time to read for fun during the school year…

    Cats, snare drums, and cooking? My kind of a person! Professional Storyteller to boot makes you even cooler. I read Psyche’s Quest before wandering over here and I really enjoyed it, even with no prior knowledge of the Cupid and Psyche lore. Can’t wait to read more of your work, and very nice to meet you!

  10. Caitlyn Carr

    Hi Erin! I am glad your major seems to line up with things you already love to do. I think it’s great when a person is passionate about what they want to do, and are able to have fun with it. Since you like reading and writing so much, it sounds like this class is a great fit for you. I also think it’s great you’re so into music. I definitely don’t have the same experience that you do, but I also play music to have fun or relax when I need to. I hope you have a great semester!

  11. Taylor

    Hello Erin!

    It is great to meet someone else from Louisiana! I am from Baton Rouge. I have heard of Bossier City but I have never been. I have mostly stayed in the southern parts of Louisiana. I have had a few classmates in the past play in the band. Each one of them has been pretty cool to study with. From what I can remember you guys have very busy schedules!

    Want to know something funny? When I see the picture of your cat, I was like ” Yup that is definitely Louisiana grass” Lol! I swear the grass in Louisiana is completely different form anywhere else. You also have a beautiful cat! Good luck this year and I hope pride gives you more good memories !

  12. Kha Tran

    Hi Erin!
    It is so cool since your major is in professional writing. I am first sorry for any grammatical errors here (since i am not good as writing).
    Writing, reading, music and also cooking are very pleasure things to do. At least, for this class, all we need to do is reading and writing. This is like “kill two birds with one stone”.
    Enjoy your class! By the way, i also named my car Elice. It is good to know you.

  13. Muhammad Muneeb Ata

    Hey Erin!

    Thank you for sharing so much about yourself, I am actually very interested in hearing more about your band adventures as the season goes on. I know our first loss was yesterday, but I bet it was so much fun to be in the crowd during the 4th quarter rally. Anyway, I am super excited to read your stories and keep up with your blog.

  14. Hannah Rutherford

    Hey Erin! Drumming is really fun! I know this because I’m a percussionist too! I was actually on bass line at OU my first two years of school (2015 and 2016). The Pride offers a lot of great opportunities like traveling and making long time friends. It’s cool that we have crossed paths this way! For a Professional Writing major, this class seems like a great fit for you! Writing can be difficult, but I think that it is really cool that you are so passionate about it. Writing a novel seems really challenging but rewarding. Also, Sonny is so cute! Thanks for sharing and I’ll keep an eye out for your stories in the future.

  15. Katlyn Stewart

    Hi Erin!
    I bet your major really helps out with this class! It is so awesome that you want to be a writer and that you love to write novels! I wish I had that kind of longterm dedication!
    I think it is so cool that you get to experience all these awesome things while being apart of the Pride!
    I went to Louisiana (New Orleans) for the second time this March and of course I had to eat red beans and rice for almost every meal!

  16. Nicholas

    Hi Erin,
    It is pretty cool that you are here form Louisiana. It is also cool how you play for the pride and have been plating instrument for the better part of your whole life. I used to play the sousaphone in high school marching and started on the clarinet in middle. I also played the contrabass clarinet in concert band. I love your passions for music and hope it stay with you forever.

  17. Madi Reynolds

    Hello Erin,

    I have read a few of your stories and your storybook before actually reading your introduction first. Now I understand why you are such an amazing writer! Gosh, I wish I had your mad skills (it’s a work in progress).

    I think it would be so much fun to be in the band. I have always wanted to play an instrument. I am learning how to play the guitar this semester, I am actually taking a class here at OU.

    I like your kitty. Me and my boyfriend have three cats: Todd, Tater-Tot, and Poe. They are the best companions and I love snuggling them, especially after a long stressful day.

    I look forward to reading more of your stories throughout the rest of the semester!

  18. Melanie

    Hi Erin! I really love the way your profile is formatted. Your major and interests make me excited to read your stories since this is what you want to do with your life (in a nutshell). I hope you like Oklahoma since you’re from Louisiana! I wish I could have gone to the Ohio State game! I watched it on TV and it was an amazing game. I look forward to reading more!

  19. Julia Ngo

    Hi Erin, it was nice reading about you and getting to know you! I was in my high school’s marching band as a member of the color guard and I also took piano lessons when I was younger. I thought about joining the Pride here too but my parents said no because they wanted me to focus on school, but it looks like so much fun! I also really enjoyed the pictures of your cats, they are so cute. Have a great rest of your semester!

  20. Charlton Nwaefulu

    Hey Erin
    I thought it was pretty awesome reading about how much of an impact music has in your life. I tried to learn how to play the piano I had in my house but I could never grasp the concept of each key. I think it is awesome that you got to fly with the pride to so many places and get access to football games, out of those places which place would you say was your favorite? I hope you have an awesome semester and holidays!

  21. Sarah

    Hi Erin!
    First, when I was reading your post I noticed your Twitter feed on the side and the picture of Kingdom of Ash! I am so excited to read that book! I bought it the day it came out, but I’m waiting for my schedule to slow down so I can read it without having to be interrupted with exams and assignments. Secondly, I think it’s so cool that you were there when Baker planted the flag! That’s such an awesome memory to have! Also, since you mentioned that you like movie scores, have you heard of the Music In Film class at OU. I took it over Christmas break a couple years ago and I absolutely loved it!

  22. Laura McCree

    Hi Erin!

    What a cool major! I didn’t even know you could get a degree in storytelling, as you phrased it, and that sounds like a fascinating set of courses to experience. I’m more than a little jealous of how much fun you have with the musical and social band experiences. I kind of regret not having explored options like that earlier in my undergrad career, but I also don’t think I would ever have had enough time. Your cat is simply adorable, and also I have to say that Interstellar is my absolute favorite soundtrack at the moment. So nice to meet you!

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