A couple weeks ago, I started to keep a happiness jar. The goal was to write down something that made me happy that day and place it within the jar. I used a coffee mug because I have way too many coffee mugs. 

To Go Beautiful Day Cup Happy Sheep Coffee Joy

Since two weeks have passed, I took the papers out of my mug and looked over the things I’ve written. There were a few days that I missed, but for the most part, I had a small collection of small things that made me happy, even on bad days. One of my favorites was when a friend asked me to lunch when I was sitting at home bored. I also tried a new coffee place and really enjoyed it. Many of the things that I wrote were small like that, but it still made me smile to look back through them, especially after a long and draining week. 

Keeping a happiness jar definitely helped me accomplish my goal of being more positive. Every day, I found myself actively searching for things to be happy about or grateful for. To make this project more successful in the future, I think I’ll set a daily reminder on my phone so I don’t forget to put a paper in my mug. It’s cool how technology can do things like that! I suppose I could keep a note on my phone where I list everything, but I like that physically doing it forces me to take at least a minute to reflect on my day instead of just idly typing something. 

I would recommend that everyone try keeping a happiness jar of some kind to see the positive effects of it!

Image 1: Happiness in Scrabble tiles. Source- The Blue Diamond Gallery.

Image 2: Sheep next to a positive coffee cup. Source – Max Pixel.