It’s really easy in college to begin neglecting your sleep. In fact, sleep deprivation can almost seem like a contest among peers. (“Oh, you went to bed at 1 a.m.? Well I went to bed at 3:00!”) It’s also hard when you’re away from your home bed, and your roommate(s) are making all manner of racket. However, according this article (10 proven ways teachers can improve their sleep) there are steps we can take to get better sleep.

I learned that it’s important to find the routine that works best for you and stick to it, even on the weekends. Usually, I wake up at a different time every day depending on when my classes start, but maybe I should pick a time to wake up consistently. It’s kind of sad to let go of sleeping in, but my body and mind may thank me for it.

I think it’s interesting that foot temperature is so important to being able to fall asleep. I hate sleeping with socks on! I keep my room as cold as possible (which the article suggests) with a fan on, and I usually have 2-3 blankets on top of my comforter because I like the weight. 

I really need to get better about putting my phone and computer away before bed. Lately I’ve been feeling more sluggish than usual in the mornings, and according to the article, too much screen time before bed could be causing that. Maybe I’ll try to start reading for twenty minutes before bed instead of watching another TV episode.

The 90-minute technique also seems to be an interesting experiment. The technique suggests setting your bedtime based on 90-minute increments from your wakeup time, so you’re more likely to wake up after REM sleep. That way, you won’t wake up in the middle of deep sleep, jarring your body’s rhythms. I might even try that tonight, since it’s Labor Day weekend, and I can afford an experiment.

I’m very serious about my health when it comes to food, hydration, and safety, but it’s easy to let sleep habits fall to the side. I’m excited to try to improve my sleep so that I can have the best waking hours possible!

Image: Sleeping newborn. Source – Pixabay