While browsing through the previous Storybook projects, three of them caught my attention due to their creativity and interesting topics.

  1. Manebook: Connecting Lions Since Aesop’s Time
    I thought the format of this project was incredibly creative, as it’s a Facebook page set up for lions found in classic fables. This made the stories very character-driven, and I enjoyed how they were told using the modern language found in digital communication. I also liked the narrow focus of the project, as it was only focused on lions, rather than a broader topic that would become confusing with the Facebook parody. The website was designed very fluidly, and I liked how it could be explored non-linearly.

  2. King Arthur in Japan
    I chose this project because I loved the concept of the story. I’m very interested in King Arthur myths, and thought it was creative to combine that classic Western story with Japanese folklore. The idea of maybe doing a similar blended topic is exciting to me because it allows the opportunity to be clever and to point out the similarities between different cultures. If I were to borrow these general ideas for my own project, I would like to try to branch out from just straight prose, though.
  3. Dungeons & Decisions
    This is one of my favorite projects because it is so creative and uses web design to make an interactive storytelling experience. Like the King Arthur project, it combines modern storytelling culture from Dungeons & Dragons with Inuit folklore. I love how some of the stories have multiple endings, and I enjoyed clicking through everything multiple times so see all of the possible scenarios. It would be cool and challenging to try to create something similar for my own project, though I would like mine to have a little more emphasis on the content of the mythology. I would not have understood the Inuit references in this project if it weren’t for the author’s notes.

When I start my own project, I would like to borrow from some of the overarching design and storytelling ideas in these three projects to create something unique and equally creative.

Image 1: Once upon a time. Source – Pxhere

Image 2: Colorful Cube Role Playing Game Play Craps Source – Max Pixel