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Famous Last Words: Toss the Tortillas

Welcome to November! I love this month because it means the beginning of the holiday season, and the weather is generally pretty brisk and mild. Last night was the time change, though, and I’m not a fan of that. I don’t like it when it gets dark early, but it does make evening band rehearsal more interesting. We call it Pride After Dark.

This week, I was still in the lull following midterms, so there wasn’t a whole lot of work to do. I did have one exam in Native American Music, and I kind of blew it off. I think I still did well on it, but it wasn’t as easy as it could have been. Other than that, I’m very proud of how I’ve been performing. I got a 92% on my Latin Literature midterm, which was one of the best in the class. I’m also consistently averaging above a 90 in my Media Writing, which will be valuable soon since the assignments keep getting more difficult. I’m right where I want to be to shoot for a 4.0 this semester!

In this class, I’m nearly done. I’m really only wrapping up my project, which is all I’ve done this week. It’s been nice to put this class aside so I can focus on other things, but I really do enjoy the creative time I get to spend working on my Story and Storybook. This week, I’ll add the final installment!

To continue my football season journal: this weekend I travelled to Lubbock with band to play the Texas Tech Red Raiders! It was such an exciting game to be at; I’m just glad we came away with the W. If you watched the game, you almost certainly saw me playing snare drum with the band! It was such a small group that they could show all of us in one TV shot.

Since it was a 7:00 pm kickoff, we had a ton of free time during the day, which was relaxing compared to our usual non-stop game days. We even got to walk around the Texas Tech campus! I’m still partial to OU, of course, but they had some neat things to see, like their giant seal.

Also with the beginning of November has become Nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month! I started my novel on the 1st and wrote 1,800 words. Unfortunately that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I couldn’t write on Thursday or Friday because of the trip, and I’ve been too busy today. Hopefully I’ll get some words down before bed, though! I’m feeling pretty good about my novel now. I was nervous coming in because I haven’t done a lot of outlining for it, but while I couldn’t write on the bus, I could daydream and think about my novel for the 5 hour trip. 

I’m looking forward to Bedlam this weekend! There’s no one else from my high school at OU, and there’s no one from my high school in any of the other Big XII bands EXCEPT Oklahoma State. I’m really hoping I get to see my old bandmate for pictures and to show all of my Oklahoman and Texan friends, who have pals all over the Big XII, that my band actually did exist, haha. See you next week for a recap of what’s sure to be another crazy game.

Image 1: The drumline has a tradition of choosing two OU players to “sponsor” for the game and writing their numbers on our hands. We’ve also recently started writing inside jokes, funny phrases, and symbols on our knuckles. Last night, I wrote “Roll Tide” upside down and backwards because I really wanted Alabama to beat LSU. Source – My personal photos

Image 2: The Texas Tech pep band drumline. What you can’t see in the picture is that the wind is blowing, and the temperature is dropping 15 degrees. Source – My personal photos.

Image 3: The four snare drums that went to Texas Tech. Source – My personal photos.

Image 4: The Texas Tech seal, which is placed outside the front entrance of the university. Source – My personal photos.

Famous Last Words: Where’s the Cat?

It’s the last week of October! That means it’s almost November, and November is always one of my favorite months. It’s been a good October, which is unusual. October is usually the April of the fall semester: insane. The weather has been crazy, football has been crazy, and school has been crazy, but I survived it all pretty easily.

I had almost nothing to do for school this past week, which meant that when I wasn’t in class, I was in my room reading with my window open, enjoying the fresh air. Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas came out this week, and I got my copy! It’s the last book in the Throne of Glass series, which has been one of my favorites and a huge inspiration for my writing. I thought the yellow cover was going to look bad, but it’s absolutely beautiful in person. I’ve been reading this series since middle school, and I clearly remembering looking up the projected release dates for the 7-book series and thinking “Wow, I’m going to be a sophomore in college before this is over.” It’s crazy that it’s actually happened!

I haven’t gotten to read a single word of it yet because I’m trying to reread the whole series as a refresher. Right now I’m at the beginning of book 4, so it might be a week or so before I get to KoA. Luckily this next weekend, I’ll have a five hour bus ride to Lubbock for the Texas Tech game to read on!

The K-State game yesterday was fun. I despise homecoming parades, but it wasn’t so bad this year. We were worried it was going to be hot again, and we wore our red uniforms, which are hotter than the white ones. However, despite the cloudless sky, it was pretty mild once we got into the stands! The band danced to Thriller at halftime, which was awesome! Check out the performance below. Thriller starts at about 6:55.

The title of today’s post comes from a funny incident at the game. K-State has a stuffed bobcat that they display on their sideline. We all noticed it and had a good laugh at the strange prop, and the stadium cameras zoomed in on it. Five minutes later, the cat was gone, much to the amusement of the student section, who wrote “Where’s the cat? Spooky,” on a whiteboard after the cat went missing. Did K-State just get embarrassed at the attention? Or did a sneaky student manage to filch the taxidermied wildcat? 

I’m trying to put the brakes on in this class a little bit (she said while writing up a bonus assignment) because I’m in no rush, and I definitely want to finish my Storybook project before I’m done with the class. I’ll probably hit my point goal early but stick around long enough to wrap up the project. I’ll definitely be done by Thanksgiving Break, though, and it will be nice to have a class out of the way before finals season!

Next week: Texas Tech Red Raiders at 7:00 p.m. I love pep band away trips! Hopefully we’ll get to see them through tortillas on the field…

Image 1: Stuffed bobcat at Shenandoah River State Park. Source – Flickr.

Image 2: Kingdom of Ash hardcover by Sarah J. Maas. Source – my personal photos.

Famous Last Words: Road Trip!

What a week! In last week’s Famous Last Words, I talked about how excited I am for fall, but this week we skipped over autumn and went straight to winter! It was FREEZING! 

It was so cold, in fact, that my roommates and I hosted a hot cocoa party on Monday evening. Our apartment is walking distance from Pride Field, so after a frosty band rehearsal, most of the drumline walked over. I had Crockpot hot chocolate all ready to go, and while everyone drank that, I made red beans and rice. That warmed everyone up! I love cooking for people, so it was a lot of fun. We watched a movie, and in the middle of the movie, a delivery guy from Insomnia Cookies showed up with two boxes of cookies for us. But no one had ordered any! We eventually found out that one of my roommates’ parents had heard about our little get together and ordered us cookies all the way from Dallas. It was so sweet of them!

The rest of the week was hot and cold. I loved my work in this class this week, especially my story. I’ve always admired science fiction and space fantasy, but I’ve never written any. I enjoyed dipping my toes into the genre!

I also felt really inspired by doing my revisions in my project this week. It’s really easy for me as a writer to feel like I’m bad at writing because I don’t get feedback very often. It’s not like I shove manuscripts at my friends and ask them for line edits. However, I was uplifted by the comments on my project this week because many of them were positive, and it showed me that I am actually good at this craft that I’ve chosen. 

In a similar vein, I’m incredibly excited because I’ve decided to do Nanowrimo this year! Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and (while I have many critiques of the event and understand it’s not perfect) it was my first ever experiment with novel writing. The goal of the event is to write 50,000 words of an original novel during the month of November. That’s about 1,667 words per day! When I was in 7th grade, I decided to participate, and I wrote over 50,000 words of my first novel. That manuscript was actual garbage, but I absolutely loved writing it. Since then, I haven’t seriously participated in the event, and I feel like I need a burst of energy in my writing that Nanowrimo can help me get. The only way to get better at writing is by doing it, and as a goal/progress-oriented person, there’s no better way to motivate me than giving me a goal and a deadline. I’ve already drawn a progress bar on my bathroom mirror for me to fill in as I go. I have no idea how this is going to go or how I’m going to find the time to write 1,667 words per day, but I’m ready to give it a shot come November 1.

We played TCU this weekend, which was crazy. The Pride left at 4:30 a.m. to go to Fort Worth and we were back at 7:30 p.m. Talk about a whirlwind road trip! The game was pretty average as far as games go. I was impressed with how our defense performed after the firing of Mike Stoops. It’s definitely not a 180-degree turnaround, but that’s too much to expect after just two weeks. I was just glad to see improvement and some convincing stops! The TCU band was super nice to us, which was refreshing because their fans were pretty rude here and there. The fans also arrived super late, like after kickoff. It was sad and surprising to see the TCU band performing pregame to almost empty stands when ours are packed and roaring when we take the field. The fans also left super early, even when their team was still in the game. The student section reduced by half early during the 4th quarter. 

**See explanation below**

The best part of yesterday’s game day, though, was watching the Ohio State vs Purdue game. My dad texted me “Are you watching the game?!” and I had no clue what he was talking about because we’d just gotten back from TCU and I was cooking dinner. When I found out that unranked Purdue was solidly beating #2 Ohio State, I rushed to my room, grabbed my laptop, and had the game playing on our living room TV within two minutes. All of my roommates came in, and we watched the last quarter. Go Boilermakers! I can’t believe they won! Now Ohio State is almost completely out of the playoff picture, which is just what we need to get back in. Now we need Notre Dame to lose, either Alabama or LSU to embarrass the other in their upcoming matchup, and to defeat Texas in the Big XII Championship. What a crazy and exciting football season!

Everything that I’ve just mentioned was cool and all, but the absolute BEST thing this week happened at our Friday evening band rehearsal, which no one wanted to be at. My roommates and I were walked to the Everest practice facility. We rounded a corner, chatting about something mindless or complaining about going to rehearsal. And then mid-sentence, our eyes locked on something. Someone. My brain could barely register it. I thought I was seeing a ghost. Or hallucinating. Or just really, really confused. Because standing there, in the flesh, was KEVIN.

You have to understand how unfathomable this was: Kevin was part of our very close drumline friend group last year. He played cymbals, he worked at Roscoe’s, and he was amazing. We loved Kevin SO MUCH. But we weren’t supposed to see Kevin until 2020 because during the summer, Kevin left to go to Argentina on his mission as a member of the LDS church. The only way we could communicate with him was by email, and he only had 30 minutes a week to read all of his emails, write personal replies, and write a weekly update for his friends and family. Every day during Pride someone would sigh and say “I miss Kevin.” We bittersweetly made old jokes about him missing the bus to Texas last year and fondly recalled all of the silly things he did. We’d basically given him up for dead, except for those emails. We weren’t supposed to see him until 2020.

BUT NOW HE’S BACK. We don’t know why–it definitely doesn’t matter–but we’re happy to have our Kevin back. My roommates screamed when they saw him. I suddenly got dizzy with adrenaline. We did the running-group-hug thing. Our percussion director wasn’t mad that we were all a little late to rehearsal because Kevin was back, and that was crazy. We had been so put-out with going to rehearsal, but after seeing Kevin, we couldn’t stop smiling. I now understand the feelings that happen when a service member comes home and surprises his or her family.

I’m looking forward to some better fall temperatures this week and a fairly relaxing week as far as assignments go. I have one big assignment due tomorrow, but that’s it for the week! Boomer Sooner!

Image 1: American highway. Source – Max Pixel.

**Image 2 Explanation: This is a TCU stadium souvenir cup. One of the weird Pride traditions that no one really knows about is that a lot of Pride members collect souvenir cups from the stadiums we visit. I love collecting things, so I get super excited about getting a new cup. This is my first from TCU! I also have cups from Oklahoma State, Kansas, and Iowa State as well as our own stadium, the Rose Bowl (my favorite!) the OKC Thunder, and the 2017 Big XII championship. That last one is funny because it’s actually a Dallas Cowboys stadium cup, not the ACTUAL Big XII Championship cup. I forgot to bring cash to the game that day, so I ended up scavenging the stands for abandoned cups and could only find a Cowboys one. To make up for it, I wrote “2017 Big XII Championship: OU vs TCU” on the bottom of the cup, along with the score of the game. My biggest regret is that I didn’t know about the collecting tradition when we were at Ohio State last year, so I didn’t get one of those cups. One day I’m hoping to find one on eBay or at a garage sale, lol. As for Big XII teams, I still need to collect Kansas State, Baylor, West Virginia, and Texas Tech! Image Source: My personal photos

Famous Last Words: Bye, Bye, Bye

I’m sorry most of the titles for these posts have to do with the football schedule, but when you’re in Pride, that’s essentially what your life revolves around! This weekend was our bye week, which means it was my last free weekend until after West Virginia. I’m not upset about that, though, I love football games. This weekend has been kind of boring because all three of my roommates are in Pride, and bye-week means visiting home. Unfortunately, I live too far away to justify a weekend trip, so I’ve been home alone since Friday afternoon. The silence has been driving me crazy! 

I’ve officially finished all of my midterms, and I escaped unscathed. My biggest midterm was Tuesday night, and I was genuinely nervous for it. It was for Media Writing & Storytelling, which is a weed-out course, and I was afraid the midterm would be long and difficult. However, my studies prepared me well for it, and I got 100%! The only major work I have to do this coming week is writing a five page paper on Beowulf. I should probably get started on that.

I enjoyed having a review week in this class because it meant I had more time to devote to studying for my midterms. I also liked looking back on all of the things I’ve done this semester. Wow! I wonder how many words I’ve written total for this class because it’s probably an exorbitant amount. 

I’m so happy that fall has arrived! It’s chilly outside, which is my favorite weather because I love wearing pants, hoodies, boots, and coats. Finally, I can order hot coffee at Starbucks without seeming crazy. 

This week I played drumset for two OU volleyball games, which was new for me. I love playing drumset, and I’ve always loved the pep bands at basketball games, so when a couple spots opened up in the volleyball band, I took them. I had several friends in high school who played volleyball, but I was never able to go to a game due to scheduling conflicts. It was nice to finally attend a game and to learn the rules. It’s actually a very neat sport! I like the nested scoring, where best 3 of 5 sets wins, but each set is to 25 points. I didn’t really like playing drumset for the games, though, because we only played during timeouts and set breaks, and it’s lonely to be the only drummer at a gig. I didn’t have anyone to talk to or watch the game with; I just sat in the corner at my set. 

I’m ready for the TCU game this coming Saturday! The entire band is going, but it sucks that kickoff is at 11:00 (AGAIN). We’re driving down that morning, which means we have to leave at 5:00 a.m. I don’t know why we can’t just have later kickoff times.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the restful bye-week, but I’m ready to see OU football win some games!

Image 1: Orchard in fall. Source – Flickr.

Image 2: Nature trail in fall. Source – Pixabay.

Famous Last Words: Texas Still Sucks

What a week. Texas week (or saxeT week as we often call it) is always a crazy time on campus, especially for the band. I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on academic work, though I tried to get everything done before we left Friday morning for Dallas. It didn’t really work, haha, but I’m still ready for this coming week.

I enjoyed reading Japanese myths this week and writing my Texas hate story. I also liked adding to my Storybook. I feel like I’m doing a good job with it, and it’s been fun to focus on a writing project that’s completely under my control. I’m also so impressed with everyone else’s stories! I love reading them and thinking about I can help improve them.

My work in my other classes is still going well. I had an English exam last week that I nailed. I still need to write my essay, though. I also got a 100 on my Native American music exam, which is exciting. I love being ahead so I can worry less later. I have a HUGE midterm this week that I’m going to start studying for, but I’m not terribly worried about it, either.

OUDL 2018 Snareline veteran members. Source – Personal Photos

Texas week for the Pride is full of tradition and excitement. All week, we prepared to put our best performance on the field. Here are some highlights from the weekend:

Semi-formal Dinner: We all dressed up for a nice dinner at our Dallas hotel before we set out for our evening pep gigs. I don’t enjoy dressing up, but it was a very short event, the food was good, and it was nice to not be in a hurry.

OUDL 2018 throwing horns down in our fancy clothes. Source – personal photos

Alumni Pep Gig: I LOVE the alumni pep gig that we do at a hotel in Dallas every year. It’s extremely short, and everyone is very drunk, which is a recipe for us having a good time. When the drumline leads the band in with parade cadences, we feel like gods. I also like this event because we play a special cadence that we never play at any other time. We learn the cadence on the bus on the way to the gig, and it’s super fun to play!

This is our special Texas week cadence! At the end, you’ll hear the cheer “Go OU! Go OU!” Instead, we now yell “Texas sucks! Texas sucks!”

State Fair: After the game, we get to wander around the fair for two hours! This year was fun because it wasn’t dark out yet. I ate a piece of fried pizza and some fried cookie dough.

And then the game… Well, we know how that went. It was still amazing to be a part of that last minute rally. The sideline energy was electric, and we put every bit of our energy to propelling our team on. We were so close, but it wasn’t enough to stop that field goal. I’m glad it wasn’t the 21+ rout that it could have been, though.

It’s just been announced that Mike Stoops is gone. I appreciate what he’s done for the university, and I’ve never called for his head, but I do think it’s time to try something new. It was obvious that yesterday’s defensive issues stemmed from a coaching problem, not a player problem. Schemes were bad, and tackling technique was ineffective. It does make me nervous that this happened mid-season, though. I expected us to wait until the end of the season.

Well, now we have a bye week, which will be a good mid-semester regrouping time for us, both in football and in our individual schedules. I’m looking forward to victories in the future! Boomer sooner!

Featured Image: OUDL 2018 Snareline before the start of the game. Source – Personal Photos.

Famous Last Words: Saxet Week!

This week absolutely flew by! There weren’t any exams this week, but that was only the calm before the storm this coming week. I have two exams on Thursday, which seems like a terrible Texas Week present. 

My work in this class has continued to be enjoyable. I loved reading stories about Sindbad, though I was sad that I couldn’t read all of the options for this unit! Maybe I’ll peek into one for extra credit sometime soon. I had a good time learning more about storytelling for my Story Lab project, and it was a much-needed break. I do like that we still have the option to write a story if we want to, which I think I’ll be taking most often. I had a good time revising my introduction for my project. I’ve been in a drafting phase of several of my personal projects for a long time, and I had forgotten how much I enjoy rewriting and revising!

In my Media Writing class this week, I had to do one of the most challenging assignments I’ve ever done. We had to go around campus and briefly interview random people. I hate disrupting people, and my biggest fear is people thinking that I’m annoying. I’m very shy around strangers. To make matters worse, we had to record these interviews and then transcribe them, which meant I had to listen to my voice on recording. Ugh. I went at the project with a growth mindset (and a promise to reward myself with a  Cherry Dr. Pepper after I finished) and saw it as an opportunity to get better at talking to strangers. Of course, I found out that all of my fears were unfounded, and everyone I asked talked with me gladly. Still, I’m an introvert, and I was mentally drained for the rest of the day from so much interaction!

The question that I asked people for the assignment was “Do you think college athletes should be paid?” I was very surprised when everyone I asked said no. I tried to ask a lot of different people, from freshman girls to guys who were obviously interested in sports. Each of them believed that college athletes should not be paid, and mostly, their reasoning was that they already get a scholarship. I wasn’t allowed to share my own opinion for the assignment, so I’m going to now. I also think college athletes should not be paid, but I do think they deserve to be very well taken care of. They should get those scholarships and many of the benefits that come with it–merchandise, meal plans, personal tutors/trainers, etc. The only reason I’m opposed to them getting a salary is because it would make college recruiting a nightmarish game of “who will pay me more?” Students may transfer schools just to get a higher salary, and that would ruin so much of the spirit of college football. They should be taken care of, though, because enormous empires are being built on the backs of these 19-23 year-olds. Just think about how much OU Athletics makes every year! The athletes deserve to see a share of that so they’re not exploited.

The Baylor game was fun this weekend, and I like that we perfectly doubled their score 66-33. I’m a little upset that Oklahoma is getting spurned by the polls and sports analysts (We dropped to #7 this week!) but as long as we keep winning, we’ll be fine.

It’s Texas Week! As a member of the Pride, it’s going to be a busy but fun week. We have a lot of things going on! I can’t wait for the game because it’s supposed to be a nail-biter, and it was chosen to be the ESPN College GameDay location! I hope we get to do a pep gig on the set. Most of all, I hope the weather has mercy on us. Last year it was unbearably hot, and I don’t think I can survive another one of those games. 

Texas sucks. Horns down. Boomer Sooner. Let’s beat saxeT!

Image 1: OU Drumline Rookie Class of 2017 flashing horns down at the Texas game. From personal photos.

Image 2: Texas Longhorns logo. Source – Wikipedia.

Famous Last Words: Overtime

It’s good to be at the end of another hectic week! Let’s look back on how things went:

This week I really enjoyed reading excerpts from Arabian Nights. I didn’t really like Aladdin as a kid, and my particular brand of American culture didn’t introduce me to much Middle Eastern lore, but it was genuinely refreshing to read about genies, sultans, and cunning heroes from Arabia.

I feel like I didn’t have a lot of storytelling energy to draw from this week, so I’m glad we’ll have the Story Lab option this week so I can recuperate. I was excited to start my Storybook project this week, though. I’m glad this is a semester-long project with plenty of opportunity for revision because I almost never write well on my first drafts, and I want to do this story justice.

I’m still having success in my other classes, though major midterms and essays are creeping closer once October starts. I feel like I’m working overtime every night trying to keep up with new homework and new assignments, but I always manage to get it done. I wish I just had a day to do as much work as possible (or a Saturday off, lol). I can’t believe it’s already the end of September! I’d like to find a spare evening this week to write my English Lit essay because that will take a load of stress off me.

I’ve been in a crafty mood this week because it’s grocery week, so I’ve cooked several new meals and my quarter of the refrigerator is loaded with leftovers. I love cooking because it’s a stress outlet, and it gives me another way to be creative and challenged in non-academic settings. I made a great bean-and-cheese quesadilla for lunch on Thursday, with guacamole, even though I set out to just make a simple cheese quesadilla. I also did a Crockpot shrimp boil on Friday, and tonight I made some amazing chicken Alfredo. 

Since it was a night game, the snare line went to IHOP for breakfast! Taken by Adriane Baker’s father.

The football game last night was an event to say the least. Half-time was awesome (with explosions!) and it was neat to watch paratroopers land on the field right before we marched pregame. But the game itself was SOOO stressful. I’m mentally exhausted from it, and my throat is scratched up from ROARING during the final minutes. I’m so glad we pulled off the win because I would be nonfunctional after investing so much emotion into the game. Hopefully our overtime curse is broken now! Next week versus Baylor should be much more relaxed, and my parents are coming! It’s going to be nice to see them since I won’t be going home for Thanksgiving this year.

I can’t wait to hit this week running! Boomer!

Featured image: The 2018 OUDL snare line poses in front of a Howitzer tank before the OU vs. Army game on Saturday. Photo taken by a soldier on Jacob Willing’s phone.

Famous Last Words: A Week of Peace

This past week has been fairly relaxing because we had an away game this weekend, which meant band rehearsal was slow-paced, and I didn’t have to go to a game on Saturday.

My work in most of my classes is going well, and I have my first exam coming up this week. I’m not worried about it because I’ve been taking good notes and keeping up. I’ve been working very hard, and that quick start is starting to pay off. I like that the more I get ahead in this class, the more energy I can spend on my demanding classes. 

I enjoyed my reading this week, Cupid and Psyche. I even decided to write a story about it since I had time and wanted to. I’m not sure I’ll force myself to write a story on every Story Lab week because I like having the option to take a break and learn more about craft, but I also like having the creative time to write a story.

It was nice to have an away game weekend. It will probably be my last free weekend except for the by-week because I want to go to Texas Tech and West Virginia. I had a great time watching the game with my friends from the OU Wesley because we were on our annual Urban Retreat in OKC. A former member of the Pride brought her saxophone, and I had a box drum, so we played Boomer Sooner every time we scored! 

This upcoming weekend, we play Army, and I’m excited because it’s a night game and because my uncle went to West Point. It’s going to be a good week preparing for that! Unfortunately they won’t be bringing their band or cadets, but I’ll definitely be going to the game when we visit them next year!

Army football players from 2012. I love the tradition of having “West Point” on the backs of the jerseys instead of player names! Source – Army

Featured Image: The reflecting pool at the OKC Memorial Museum. We visited on our Urban Retreat (my first time) and it was definitely an emotional experience. Source – Wikipedia.

Famous Last Words: A Storm’s a’Bruin

This has been an interesting week, but there’s been a definite improvement in my productivity! The rainy weather this week provided a much needed respite from the blazing summer heat, and I think my brain was able to recover from frying at the FAU football game.

I really enjoyed my reading for class this week! I read a retelling of The Illiad, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I have a translation of it in my bookshelf right now, but I hadn’t gotten around to it. I’ve been pretty interested in the classical epics since I took Latin last year, and while The Illiad and Odyssey are Greek, they still inspired the cultural explosion of that entire area. After doing the reading, I decided to start inhaling Illiad-based media to see different interpretations. I watched Troy on Netflix despite hearing bad things about it. It wasn’t horrible, but it was definitely more dude-movie than literary adaptation. I’m listening to Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles on audiobook right now. I listened to her Circe earlier this year, and it was fabulous, so I expect a lot from this one. My favorite one so far is this hilarious Youtube video, which does a great job summarizing the epic poem:

I enjoyed getting to read peoples’ stories in class this week, and I was actually quite surprised about how good and creative they were! Everyone is doing such a great job, and I’m excited to read even more.

I also enjoyed researching dragons as a potential Storybook project this week, and I learned a lot about different dragon legends. I didn’t think there wasn’t a dragon myth that I hadn’t heard before, but I was very wrong! 

My work in my other classes is going very well so far, and I’m happy to be off to a good start. I do STILL have some textbooks on back order, which is frustrating, but I’m hoping they come in this week and I can stop copying Catullus poems from the Internet to do the reading. We’re reading The Canterbury Tales in my English literature class now and the Middle English gives me a headache, lol. 

The Pride has had a whirlwind of a week because we didn’t touch a football field between the FAU game and Friday evening. It rained constantly. We weren’t able to field a brand new show this week like we wanted to, but we still performed the music to our new show at our pre- and post-game concerts. 

2018 OUDL snareline. Look how happy we are that we didn’t die! From my personal photos.

And the weather was SOOOO much better. It was overcast, misting, and somewhere around 65 degrees all day, so I could actually enjoy the football game instead of fighting off heatstroke. It was exciting to play a storied program like UCLA, and I’m happy to be 2-0. It’s so sad that Rodney Anderson is out for the rest of the season; he deserved a healthy year. Nevertheless, I don’t think we need to give up playoff hopes. If we win out, we’ll be real contenders. The sports analysts are still snubbing us, but that will get better once we get to our tougher games. Meanwhile, next week is at Iowa State, and I don’t have to go! I’ll enjoy watching the game with some of my other friends eating tailgating food.

My goals for this week are to stay on top of my school work and use my free weekend to get ahead in a few classes. Week 3 was a success, but as we get into September, midterms are coming! I want to take them on with minimal stress.

Famous Last Words: Putting Out Fires

It’s been a hectic week. Professors have started to hit the gas, football season has begun, and even the ample free time that I have doesn’t feel like enough. I’m very thankful for this Labor Day Weekend so I can try to catch up; I don’t like to be off my game so early in the semester.

Even though it’s been a crazy week, it’s been a rewarding one. In this class, I completed all of the assignments, plus some extra credit. I didn’t finish as soon as I had hoped, but I did finish. I enjoyed the readings this week, but I think I’ll like it even more when we have focused units. The anthology, while a great introduction, was a little disjointed.

That being said, I was proud of my writing this week. I haven’t been able to write for my own projects since school started, so it was nice to relax by doing something creative. I think my story is pretty good, and I’m excited to get feedback on it in the coming days!

The real fire that had to be put out was the football game this weekend. I’m in the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band, and yesterday’s game day was an EXPERIENCE. I hate saying anything bad about my time in the Pride or about OU football because I truly love it, but that game was rough. It was just too hot. Pregame was a great time, and the first quarter was so much fun, considering we scored 28 points. After that, though, it was awful. We actually took our uniform coats off in the stands, which is something we never do. There was no breeze, water didn’t help anyone feel better, and the sun had no mercy. But we survived half time, endured the rest of our rout, and returned home to sleep for the rest of the weekend. 

A picture of the Pride snares BEFORE we all got heatstroke. Photo taken by Claire Lambert of the cymbal line. Sept 1, 2018.

As part of this Growth Mindset thing, I want to try to pull a lesson out of yesterday’s game, and really I’m just proud of myself for surviving. I was on the edge of heat sickness for most of the game, but I kept drinking water (and applying sunscreen) and doing my job: supporting the Sooners. I think I developed some mental toughness yesterday, and that’s a valuable attribute to grow. It was difficult. I lost the energy to yell or cheer after half time, but hey, I’ll never get tired of playing “Boomer Sooner.”

Next week, I hope to continue to stay on top of my school work and hopefully get ahead in this class and a couple others. I want to continue putting a lot of creativity and effort into my stories for this class. I want to continue paying close attention to my health by drinking plenty of water, eating well, and exercising at Pride rehearsal. And I hope (and pray) that next Saturday’s noontime game against UCLA will miraculously be cooler. The forecast shows rain, which would be better than 3,000 degrees, so my fingers are crossed. Overall, I want to continue to give my best effort in everything I do!

Featured Image: Fire. Source – Public Domain Pictures

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