I used the class Pets Padlet to upload a picture of my cat, Sonny. It’s going to be fun to see pictures of everyone’s animals!

Made with Padlet

Padlet is a cute and intuitive online bulletin board tool that looks great and can easily organize links and images. I’ve used Pinterest with obsessive fervor for many years now, so I love the online bulletin board format for storing and sorting things. I like how Padlet makes it easy for others to contribute to a board, and it’s built on making brand new entries rather than “repinning” pre-existing items.

I would love to create a Padlet of my own to make it easy to share ideas and collections. I wonder how it would differ from Pinterest; maybe it’s easier to embed around the web. Overall, I think these kinds of boards are a great way to keep track of ideas in an organized way.

Image: Backlit keyboard. Source – Pixabay.