I was fascinated when Laura introduced me to Twine, a free online program for creating nonlinear, choose-your-own stories. I immediately downloaded the application, but I could not figure out how to make it work. I was so excited to see this tech tip get added with clear instructions!

To get familiar with Twine, I created a number guessing game kind of like 20 questions where my game will figure out what number the player is thinking of. It’s super simple, but it was a great experiment because I started to understand the program more and could see how the game can loop back onto itself and create new paths. 

I’m 100% interested in writing a Twine story or two for this class because I love choose-your-adventure stories, and it’s a unique challenge to write it and get it posted. I think it will be especially nice for an interactive, spooky Halloween themed story in October.

I do wish the colors/text of the published Twine game could be customized to be less dark or add pictures. Maybe those things are possible with a little bit of coding, and I’ll see if I can figure it out. If not, it’s still a fun application, and I’m excited for my next Tech Tip, where I’ll learn how to publish my Twine file online.

Image 1: Backlit keyboard. Source – Pixabay.

Image 2: Kitten playing with yarn. Source – Public Domain Pictures