I mentioned in last week’s Tech Tip that I looooove folders, and folks we have had a breakthrough. Twitter has folders. Okay, not really; it has lists, but they operate kind of like folders. You can curate a list of Twitter users to create a stream of just those user’s posts. This stops the inevitable confusion and feeling of disorganization when you have your sports, your news, your friends, and your musicians all in the same feed. To try this out, I made a list for one of my favorite Twitter communities: Writing Twitter.

Writing Twitter consists of authors, publishers, editors, agents, librarians, and book lovers who all tweet about–you guessed it–books. I follow a lot of these people, and seeing their amusing jibes about writing is one of the reasons I get on Twitter every day. What better than to give all of my Writing Twitter a place of its own?

Now that I know I can put people on the list without following them, I’m going to add quite a few more authors. I plan on making a sports list so I can check up on OU football without have three million sports Tweets on my regular feed. I think lists are a great tool to help people use Twitter in a more focused and manageable way.

Image 1: Backlit keyboard. Source – Pixabay.

Image 2: Twitter Bird Logo. Source – Pixabay.