We’re only eight weeks into the semester, and I’ve already given and been given so much feedback on writing! It’s certainly making me more comfortable with giving and receiving critique, and I’m actually excited when I get comment notifications instead of fearful.

Feedback In:

I’m getting pretty good feedback from the other students in the class. Overall, most of their comments are positive, which I like to hear because it lets me know the things I do well. If I had to give feedback on their feedback, though, I say that I’m ready for them to step it up a notch and to not pull any punches. I love hearing what I did well, but I also like hearing what didn’t work out! I love getting questions in my feedback, even if they’re questions that I choose not to answer in the text. It still let’s me see what people are interested in knowing. I also like comments that point out plot holes. Sometimes I feel like the queen of plot holes, which is one reason why I enjoy revising so much, so when someone is brave enough to point one out and say “That doesn’t make any sense,” I always appreciate it.

Feedback Out:

I’m also enjoying giving feedback because many of the stories are so good! In other classes where we’ve done peer review, so many peoples’ work was incoherent due to poor writing and other major problems, but everyone in this class writes really well! I often have to think very deeply about what I want to suggest for them. I think my feedback is of very high quality because I try to provide suggestions that would really help elevate the writing. My favorite feedback strategy to give is also my favorite to receive: asking questions. Asking questions in most of my comments was something I challenged myself to do in my feedback posts at the beginning of the semester, and I think I’ve been doing a good job of that.

Blog Comments:

I love getting to know others by reading their introductions! Everyone is so interesting! I want to keep adding some more little things to my introduction so people will think I’m interesting, too, haha. It’s been strange because as the semester continues, I’m realizing that I’ve met some of my classmates in person before or that we’re connected in other ways. It’s very impressive how this online class can still feel very connected!

Looking Forward:

For the rest of the semester, I would like to continue giving quality feedback every week by asking questions. I’d also like to focus some on giving website layout feedback because that’s something that I’ve grown to understand more in these past few weeks. I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s projects, so I want to continue keeping up with those as we continue through the semester. I’m going to add some more to my Introduction very soon. I think my Comment Wall is fine, and I love collecting more comments on it every day! They’re so uplifting and helpful!

I chose this Feedback Cat because I think questions are the best kind of feedback. They are a great starting point to dig deeper into the story!

I also have to say this picture reminded me of a picture I took at the OU-Texas game. This is Gage, and a butterfly landed on his back and stayed there for a good two minutes.

Image 1: Feedback Scrabble tiles by Nick Youngson. Source – The Blue Diamond Gallery

Image 2: To learn, start by asking a question. Source – Growth Mindset & Feedback Cats.

Image 3: Gage Cornell, an OUDL quad player, and his butterfly friend. Source – My personal photos.