After looking back at all of my weekly posts through the semester, I’m very proud of the amount of work I’ve done and progress I’ve made. I’ve done a great job of keeping up with assignments, though I would like to get back on my planned schedule for this class. I hope to get that reset done this week.

I’m happy with my progress in the class so far. In fact, I’m sad because I’m so far ahead, which means I’ll finish this class early! I don’t want it to be over! 

I like how I did a lot of extra credit in the first couple of weeks, so I feel comfortable doing less of it when I’m busy. I try to always do a Tech Tip because I find them fun and educational. I also have enjoyed writing a Famous Last Words post to review every week. Most of mine focus a lot on our football games, and I’m excited to be able to look over the season once it’s over. I want to get back into doing extra reading every week because I enjoy watching the Crash Course videos for that assignment.

I feel a lot more confident in building blogs and websites because of this class. I’m even developing a little bit of comfort around HTML and other computer-y things. I’m glad I challenged myself by using a WordPress blog and a Wix website because it has forced me to figure some things out on my own. 

For the second half of the semester, I would like to get onto my planned schedule of doing the readings on Fridays and the assignments during the week. This would make life a lot less stressful and would mean I don’t have to do enormous amounts of work on Sundays after football games. I want to continue trying new things with my blogs and websites, and choosing creative ways to tell stories. This class is really helping me with my creativity and writing, and I truly love it.

Image 1: Panorama of Glacier National Park. Source – Max Pixel.

Image 2: Hiker on top of Sepulcher Mountain. Source – Flickr.